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Meet Diego!

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Diego Rocha moves to New York City in 2002 to begin his career in fashion. Being a self-taught artist, Diego Rocha has put years of practice and hard work into perfecting his craft of custom made handbags which are appreciated throughout the world today. Not only was he a contestant of the project accessory show, but he did also go on winning the International handbag awards in 2011.


Diego Rocha has never been afraid of the competition. It is depicted in the fact that the very first storefront location that he chose was in the luxurious Gold Coast with a number of already established brands like Prada, Hermes, Barney’s etc. as his competitors. Years of practice and hard work finally went on paying the reward of winning him the international handbag award in 2011 for his signature baby jane bag. It was because of the popularity of his handbags that he received an offer to be a part of project accessory show while he was in New York to receive his award. Making it up to the final cast, Diego Rocha received the global exposure out of this venture that he required in order to take a step further and overcome the challenge of launching a whole new series of accessories apart from the flawless handmade handbags.


None of the creations of Diego Rocha is any less than impeccable. Built with extreme precision, the shine and class is destined to turn some heads in any occasion. Diego believes in performing the entire task by himself. Be it picking the raw materials, exclusive patterns, exquisite colors or performing the entire process with precision and extreme focus on every single detail, Diego believe in bringing the uniqueness into his craftsmanship.


Diego Rocha believes in providing such a huge variety of state of the art handmade handbags that everyone gets to find exactly what they are looking for. No matter what your color, pattern, finishing, design, or style priority is, Diego Rocha has a product that is specifically tailored to your requirements. With such a variety, comes a range of affordability. Diego refuses to target the elite class only. He makes products which are suitable for all classes of people. Never having to compromise on the quality of his products is probably the only goal that Diego has in mind.


Diego has launched a whole new line of accessories apart from handbags as well. As of now, he primarily deals in handbags, bracelets and clutches. What’s more is that he offers the purse spa services which includes full body cleanse, renewing facelift, and internal cleanse. This is how Diego keeps his customers satisfied and loyal and keep them coming back. All you need to spend is a couple hundred dollars and even your old handbag is going to be as shiny and charming as the new one. What else could you possibly ask for?

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